A Wierd Mango Tree


During the storm here in the Philippines in 2011, typhoon Ondoy knocked this down with strong winds. We have traveled to Nueva Viscaya in search for another adventure and treasure trailing. My uncle recommended us to see this place and use our metal detector to detect and assess whether there are possible treasure signs or codes that are visible in the area. I have taken this mango tree photo several months after the typhoon. Most of the branches were blown away and this is what was left. The weird thing about this tree that is keeping me in wonder is that a branch was sticking downward and the place is rich in history that the Imperial Japanese Army had camped near this place. Well my guess is that maybe this was one of the possible treasure sign that the Japanese Army made during the war and hid something. Sometimes they make this as a marker so as I thought but we did not try  to detect this place as there are many people who are watching us so I just took some photos of the mango tree.

My companion had told me that he had strange dreams during the night and claims that some were like he was in the past seeing different sites including this mango tree and that someone is saying that there are buried treasures here. His grandfather found a giveaway treasure, meaning that treasure is in a small amount and contains 1 gold bar and a strange heavy dark ball. He single founded it and attempted to sell it but his siblings got greedy and he was killed because he does not want to reveal where the heavy dark ball was and the rest of the gold bar. Somewhere in this place, there is the possibility that there is a larger cache of treasure here is hidden. According to my companion's father, he is told by his father that he witnessed many Japanese army riding with big trucks and horses that looks like carrying heavy loads of treasures. Horses were heard even in the night and it looks like they are rushing to hide their stolen loots. 

He also said that some parts of the place are being lowered and he has a hunch that maybe there is a big tunnel beneath the ground. A closed tunnel perhaps is close by but they have not yet discovered it but there is a sign that says "9". Maybe it is also connected to the controversial tunnel 8 in Nueva Viscaya where in they have stored huge amount of treasure in there.

We did not have a chance to start the project here as there were many factors that prevents us and we need to be sure of our security is not compromised after hearing that the siblings are dangerous and greedy so we moved out to a much better location and people. My advice is make sure that you are in a safe place before starting a project hence, your life will be in danger if you insist to do so.