Egg Shaped Treasure


This was found by my uncle's friend, my uncle took this picture and he described it that it changes color when water is poured and when it is dry. I have seen some treasure hunters also encountered this type of rock that has been recovered on suspected treasure sites. Although I do not know if this has something of value since from my view, it is not a type of diamond or some gem with a high price at stake. Some say that this kind of rock is being used as a decoration in their home and it is really beautiful to see specially if light is near to it. I have also heard that there are buyers of this kind of rock and pay for a cheap price.

The story behind this rock where my uncle's friend got this on a rice field which has a rich history where Japanese used a camp site near to that field. They were plowing when he suddenly felt a strange flat rock and then to his curiosity, he tried to flip the flat rock and found out that there are some black soils. He called his brother and they started digging until they have found this egg shaped treasure. There were 12 pieces in all and I think they have sold it somewhere for a high price. I think this is closely looks like a moonstone to me. And the Japanese soldiers used this as a sign to a treasure near by. Sometimes from what I have heard is that they used stones from the river as a cover for the buried treasure and as a sign as well.