Nail Markers on Trees


Many old trees were used by the Japanese Army to mark where stolen war treasure and it has been proven by many who were lucky to recover from these Nail Pointers. But we need to understand these pointers because not every nail in the tree is pointing at the treasure. I have encountered these signs and we were already late in recovering the treasure since there were people who have gone first already. Although there were no witnesses as to who have recovered them there were evidences and traces that we have found, one in particular is an empty box with the lock removed and there is nothing inside it. We were excited opening the chest but we were dismayed, traces of bars or marks on the chest were still there. To our dismay we went home and planned for another journey and place where sightings of signs are present.

A sample of the Nail pointer that we found in Baguio, this was along the road so we could not work this out. Many people are passing through and it is forbidden for people to peek at this kind of work. The owner of the land also where this tree is not interested and claims that there were several people who have already dug that but found nothing. The nail is rusty however, it is long and has a square head type of head. The pine tree is already very old at about a hundred years of age. One local had noticed a Japanese national with a Filipino wife and claims that he was a soldier at the time of the war and he is one of the officer in charge in burying the treasure near the tree. He did not specifically pointed where the treasure was but he was telling that they have hidden 3 jars full of gold coins and gold bars.

If the Nail is straight, it is pointing at another tree with no nail then that is possible that it is under that tree. But if the Nail is pointing downward, it might be pointing out to the treasure. I think this is mostly the case what those nail means.