A Lizard and its Tail


One of the most sure and genuine sign that we have encountered is the Lizard Treasure Sign. It has different interpretations but it can be confirmed by using various metal detectors. I have heard many Japanese Nationals whom have successfully recovered from these kind of sign or marker. One in particular Japanese said that you just have to follow the tail of the Lizard Sign and dig until further signs appear like charcoals or black sands. Another possible meaning for most animals signs is the head. It serves as a pointer or it could be the head where stash of precious stones  can be recovered. As one of my friend saw a Japanese pretending to ride on the animal sign head when locals saw and believed them as tourist. On the next day, the head of the animal sign is broken leaving an empty case where believed to be the storage of the jewelries or precious stones.

Another encounter with these sign is that at the end of the tail there is a small hole or tunnel and a human can perfectly fit to crawl. And once you have entered and reached to the end, a big room appears where stashed gold bars and even a golden Buddha can possibly be there as experienced by known treasure hunters.

Just in case when encountered this kind of sign, see if there are more markers that you can find as sometimes this sign indicates that it has a big volume of treasure is hidden. Some danger sign may be included and you can refer to my previous post. Especially when tunnel is involved because most tunnels can be dangerous and may contain booby traps such as bombs and poison gas.