Discovered Treasure Signs June 2012


On my venture to another place, one of our friend contacted us again claiming he found another sign and it is a genuine one and the place has a rich history that the Japanese Army had camp there during the world war 2. I cannot interpret it because of the different writings were etched but I clearly understood the letter "P" stands for TUNNEL.

Other treasure signs were also found in the same place. If someone knew or has encountered this sign you can contact me through my email or just comment below. We have not yet used our metal detector as we have many good projects that were coming on and we scheduled this on summer next year.

The signs are clearly visible compared to others that I have seen and it has like a masterly crafted writings. I have researched the rest and even asked some of my friends but they were blanked what it means. There were many signs and still the letter "P" is included which may possibly mean that there were many tunnels and  where the treasure is placed.
Below is an X sign with the same style of writing, I think it was etched and doubled with a black tar.

Sorry for the quality of the images, I just used my cellphone camera which has a bad image quality. I mage is enhanced through the use of photoshop and the pictures was clearly seen now. I will update more soon and also after we had worked on this project. Happy Hunting.