Spider Sign on a Big Rock


One of our contacts had called us and he claims he found some signs, so we decide to take a trip and find out if it is true. And when we had arrived and assessed it, it looks man made but the star with a circle is not and I think children playing here drew that one but near to this sign some had attempted to dig beneath this rock but did not continue. The land is not owned by someone so it is hard to work on this because others may see us and could disrupt our work so we decided to move on to another destination. I have looked up for several codes but this one is not included, and asked our guide what is the history of the place but all he knows is that the place was the battlefield of the Japanese and the Allied Forces. Many died in the that place and they were a witness to many lying bodies around and bloodshed. It was a furious battle even the innocent were killed merciless. But I think that there is a possibility that there is a buried treasure around this sign and it may be pertaining to the feet of this spider sign. It may be a letters in Kanji but I do not know how to read Kanji. Metal detector is important at this kind of unknown sign to explore further if there is a positive buried cache of treasure.

Just below the Spider sign that we have found is a big rock with an etched x and arrow. It is hard to see because it is small and I think it was just scratched using a knife or a pointed object. It is possible to consider this as a treasure sign but I suggest to use a scanner or metal detector.