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You might notice that this blog about Yamashita Treasure Codes and Signs has connections to a third party group which are companies offering different types of products and services. These advertising companies have the potential to collect information from your computer but not to the extent of acquiring your Name, Address, E-mail Address, Telephone number or any other personal info about you. The reason for collecting data from your own computer is to determine your interest. This will allow them to provide you much better related goods or services on their ads the next time you come to this site again. Additional information about this topic is further discussed on Goolge’s Advertising and Privacy page.
Respecting your Privacy Policy
It’s my duty to protect your privacy the moment that you have successfully accessed my blog which is The following are the sources and services that I use to collect information and data from your visits;
Google Analytics and Statcounter
This is one of the most popular free services that offer its users to check log files and the total number of visits generated from their site. I have currently implemented the code on this blog and it has the capability to store the following data: Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses, Type of Browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Referring Site, Exit and Entry page, Platform, Date/Time, Track user’s activity and Demographic Information. Goodle Analytics and Statcounter are being further improved by their technical stuff where more data can be acquired in the future.
Auto Generated Cookies
When we are talking about Cookies, these are the files that are automatically being generated by your system on your temporary folder each time you visit a certain website. They are small files and you can open them through the Note pad but the information contained are encrypted and it’s impossible to decode. Only the advertising companies responsible for generating the cookies have the capability to decode the information. Anyway, this blog does not generate cookies but those business partners that I have connections.
External links to another website
Under the Resource category, there are some external links pointing to another different website but provides related information. You might also encounter them on the body of a certain post. Take note that I do not have any connection with them where I placed their link for the purpose of providing you more additional info. They also have their own set of Privacy Policy which might be different from this blog and I suggest reading them as well.
Advertising Companies
These Advertising Companies are the once responsible for generating those ads that you will notice across the parts of this blog. Again, they could generate cookies on your temporary folder which will be further used by them to evaluate your visits. Please do not ask me about the type of information contained on those cookies because I do not have the access to know about them. If you are curious enough, then you can visit the advertiser’s site and try to contact them about the issue.
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