The Dreadful and Most Dangerous Yamashita Treasure Signs and Codes


One of the most scariest treasure signs are the ones that indicates booby traps. These booby traps may include vintage bombs, Poisons(either in the form of gas or liquid), and Water Traps. I have encountered one vintage bomb when my mother went treasure hunting when I was still a teenager, she brought one of their finds which is an actual vintage bomb knowing that it might contain deposits of jewelries inside the bomb, however, we never attempted to open it as we are afraid that it might blow up. One day, we decided to put it in a test thinking that if it is a bomb it would explode and if not assuming it would contain jewelries or precious stones and then we placed it in a fire in a remote area where there are no near houses and people. After more than 5 minutes of waiting the bomb suddenly EXPLODES, to our surprise we ran for cover to protect us from the shrapnel. Even though the bomb is very rusty outside and the blasting cap has been removed or rusted severely the bomb is still very active and just in case that you have found one, never attempt to do anything with it because it may cause to blow up if triggered even with the slightest spark will cause it to detonate. I have heard stories that even some contractors for road development or buildings have had accidents due to these vintage bombs that are accidentally triggered by their heavy equipment's.

This is a vintage bomb from world war 2 and it has been here until now. Blasting cap is not there but this is still dangerous.
The most common Yamashita Treasure sign for bombs are the ones that looks like a flower. I have drawn this flower symbol basing on my Japanese friend's treasure map indicating that there is a bomb that has been set on either of the deposits on the map but my hunch is that most traps are set on a large volume of treasure that was hidden. These bombs were also greased to prevent from heavily rusted and that with the slightest shake or movement might trigger these deadly bombs.

Another most deadly sign that every treasure hunter must avoid is the poison because it may be on the ground, air, or the treasure itself. Many experienced being poisoned by just holding one of the gold bars and gradually being dead and even doctors can not find any cure for this type of poison because it spreads slowly or sudden. Some may survive these poison by washing immediately by vinegar which it is believed that it could wash out the poison preventing entry to the body. The effect of using vinegar to counter the poison is not based on research however it was based on most experiences of treasure hunters who had been poisoned. The most deadly poison is the gas form, inhaling it might take your life in mere seconds. Some treasure hunters have died because of the poisonous gas and survivors often describe it to be sweet smelling like a perfume but not knowing that it was a poison gas. Be prepared at all times specially when your a digger and suspects a different smell, just get out of there and covering your nose to prevent possible inhalation of poison. From what I hear where these deadly poison were applied are mostly to large volume of deposits especially when a golden buddha is one of them and they are typically buried on the ground or tunneled, hidden in water falls, and caves.

This sign that looks like a vial may indicate that there is a possible poison that is near to the the hidden treasures.

Sometimes a simple etch of a skull either on a map or stone it means be careful for it might be poison or bomb.

Finally, water traps are also deadly when not being careful. My friend encountered this when they had a project on a big stone in a rice field. That big stone had a passage at the middle on the top portion of the stone. They uncovered a round flat stone on top then started digging, they suspected that a large volume of treasure was hidden inside and there were signs on the stone but they did not decipher it before digging.
While digging, they have encountered different signs like stones that are formed and arranged in a letter C pattern, and next to that there are signs on the wall inside the rock but they just bypassed it. The most surprising that they found was human skeletal bones and it seemed to be that there are 4 human skeletal bones they have recovered. After that, his comrade uncovered something on the wall it was a square of mud on the wall at about 12x12 inches and he thinks that that is already the door of the deposit. Using a a sharpened steel bar, his comrade started to open it and to their surprise s strong and sudden gush of water came out then his comrade quickly came out of the hole leaving my friend inside but luckily he survived because the water wasn't enough or maybe it was already lessened due to the time it was made. My friend described the water to clean and very pure and just came out very fast. In this situation, Always be alert at all times when digging and be observant.

When doing some projects always try to decipher signs or consult someone you trust and who has experienced a lot of treasure hunting as this could be very dangerous. Not everyone can give a good opinion even me, but try to search for its meanings. Sometimes, guardians of treasures would advise in dreams of persons that they wanted to give to in recovering their treasures.