Treasure Signs That Tells You are on the Right Spot


I have heard a lot of stories that some have recovered successfully some Yamashita Treasure and of course there are similarities of treasure signs encountered when they were digging. The most common is charcoals, these were found before upon recovering gold bars and or jewelries. Sacks of charcoals were found by treasure hunters at about 5 feet of their site and after positively confirming that their is a cache of treasure by using metal detectors. Then 2 feet after the charcoals there were drums found and that is finally where the treasure was. Gold bars were coated with black or something that is like a rubber to keep the gold from keeping apart because of heat from under the ground.

Hard cement is also a common encounter and it could be found on the ground or beneath a suspected site. It is hard because by even using jack hammers and manually using a chisel and hammer the cement would not even budge. But successful ones were able to break this by the use of a hydrochloric acid, this softens the cement or even melts it. Be careful in using this type of acid and always use appropriate protective gears. Another technique or option if there is no acid available, you can just widen your dig and go beneath the cement and discover it. Some have also broken those cement and found some gold bars on it maybe used as an extra filling.

Black sand is found in some other sites before reaching the treasure and sometimes it is commonly mixed with the hard cement. Some people claim that they have found Black Sands and after 3 feet of their dig they found a very hard cement.

Various materials also indicates that you have the right spot like silver wares, items from world war two, broken jars, and etc... It is usually advised to use metal detectors when you have found some of this signs.