A Hand Marker Pointing to Different Location of Treasure


On again to another journey to the most majestic mountains in the North. A comrade called us that there is an old man who claims that he had found a treasure and wants it to sell it to us. To our curiosity, we traveled to see if the story is true and that the said treasure is genuine. And while waiting for the old man because he wants to wait for his son to accompany him. It went for days, so we decided to work on some of the projects that our comrade has offered. And after that, they came to our meeting place and we had long conversation as to how did he recover his treasure.

The old man story was, when he is sleeping his dreaming a person pointing at something and saying that there is a food beneath this ground all that he needs to do is to dig and find it. His dream was always the same for many days pointing at the same location but he was hesitant to go and check because he was busy most of the time on his vegetable garden. And one day, he was tired of the dream showing every night he decided to go and check the location. To his surprise, it was almost the same, every stone and trees it completely resembles in his nightly dreams. He called his son and a neighbor to start the project and so they did. They noticed a Hand Marker was etched on the stone just beside the prospected site and their belief had a much higher hope that there is likely to have a treasure hidden as also it confirmed the dream of the old man was true.
The Hand Marker or Sign can sometimes be confusing as there are many possible meaning. It could be pointing at each 5 locations where the 5 fingers are pointing at or it could be the other way around pointing at the back of the hand.

And so they started out digging when they have figured what to do, and as they were penetrating the ground they found rocks that came from rivers. And as they go deeper, they reached black sands and coals together. Then at about 9 feet below, they reached a hard cement. They have tried breaking the cement but it was too hard and they changed their plan by going beside the hard cement bypassing it. When they have reached below the cement, they have found colored stones with different sizes. They took the 2 biggest stone which was located in the middle and the small stones. The small colored stones were believed to contains diamonds when broken and their neighbor became rich because he it is his share from their group.

They claimed that this also contains diamonds inside but were not sure if it is true. We want to break it but the old man says that we should buy it first from him. I will update this post again if we have broken this rock into half. You can see that there is like a resin on its middle part that is keeping the stone intact. It is really heavy for its small size and I also suspect that there is really something inside it. I have tried to shake it but no sound is audible but I think it is glued or the jewelries inside were encased in a soft foam or leather.