Foot Symbol In Your Dig Site


There were many stories that most treasure hunters encounter this type of sign and are very successful in recovering hidden treasures. I have too experienced to see one Foot or either 2 Feet that has been drawn and etched on a rock but mostly were destroyed by fellow treasure hunters to prevent others from seeing it and some had been already recovered. This indicates that a large volume of treasure has been buried under if it is seen above ground, and this is the last trail or the treasure is very near when seen over the dig site. From each site, there are various indication of foot from what I have seen. From simple art to very detailed ones. Mostly, the detailed ones are far more accurate that a treasure is present rather than forcing your imagination that it is a drawn foot even if it is natural and not man made.

We have ventured again to a place in some part of Nueva Viscaya, when a comrade called us to check on the project that they have. In fact, it was a really positive site however it was dangerous and the place is mostly populated. Dangerous in a way that a large pile of rocks which is taller than a normal person is buried beneath and must be lifted by using heavy machinery. On the site before it was dug up, there are round rocks that were beautifully arranged in a circling pattern. When our friend and his companions were removing the rocks and dirt, at 3 feet deep they found shards of old pottery scattered then as they go deeper larger rocks appeared and one rock had a perfectly etched foot sign. They were too afraid because they have gone deep and large pile of rocks were at the side and one mistake they could be buried alive by those rocks or might fall to one of them. So they have stopped working and decided to plan their next move but they never did return. The folks around and the cousin of my friend which is the owner of the land told us that there are American Nationals came looking for that pile of rocks but they told that they don't know anything about those which I used to think and confirm that there is really a buried treasure. I am happy to update this soon and we would return to this project because this would cost a lot of money and time.

So if you happen to see one like these sign or symbol don't rush in, it is better to plan and take a quick survey on how to quickly recover treasure specially if the place is populated, people would be intrigued and might do harm when you have successfully recovered a treasure. Confirm and investigate if some old locals witnessed or know the history of the place if there is an encampment or military base nearby. And finally, do some Metal detecting. Treasure Hunting is a very expensive, time consuming hobby, and dangerous so be very careful.