Uncut or Rough Diamonds Inside a Bottle Found


On my numerous quest in finding a treasure, I meet a lot of different people on my journey which inspires me more to not give up on my conquest in searching. They tell me stories which are true that some recover treasures successfully and now richer than ever before a life with just enough food in their table and for everyday needs. One friend whom I have known for a while was one of the most lucky person and that gave me inspiration to not to stop with this kind of hobby because their group found rough diamonds on a small piece of bottle (with a label "Clifford Wilkinson TANSAN").

They have sold it and made millions of money and living a luxurious life however he did not boasted it to everyone of course because he might endanger his family and he is very humble when we had met again. He built a small business then later it grew until he put up some grocery store as a front so people would not suspect because he was just a part time carpenter and it would seem impossible for his wage to reach at a stage wherein he has a large grocery store in an instant. He settled a lot of debts and paid them little by little when he got paid from their treasure. Until now he kept their life very simple and showed them that it was all hard work behind from his success.

As a fellow treasure hunter he shared me how did they recover the bottle full of rough diamonds on it. At first, one of their comrade called for a project that he had seen a nail marker on a tree pointing to some stone with another symbol. I have asked on what was the symbol but he forgot already but he described it to me like it was a lizard with a long tail pointing downward. When they began digging the site, at 3 feet, they found remains of human bones and they were shocked and their conviction came strong that there is really a treasure nearby.

They continued to go down deeper, and found a cement barrier at 9 feet it was at about 5 by 4 feet and 10 inch thick. It was hard to break down the cement using tools for breaking rocks and they almost give up when they tried to break it. After trying for several days, they have gone through the cement and found a small metal box, like an ammunition box, containing the bottle with rough diamonds and some jewelries were included and thought that those rough diamonds were just shards of glasses that could cut them when they touch it, luckily one of their comrade is an educated one and had seen a rough diamond on the internet and he told them about it.

They were really happy and distributed their loot evenly and they had gone separate ways. He also told me that they wanted to give up when they could not break the cement and he has issues regarding his family due to lack of finances and his wife calling him crazy because they have nothing to feed to their children and still he is searching for hidden treasures. But it was all worth it when they were successful. He showed me the bottle and took a picture of it. And I asked him if he is still interested in treasure hunting, all he replied was no. As I look to his eyes, he seems to be very contented with what he has now.