Metal Detecting Services and Rental - Is it Worth it


I just happen to browse some online items on ebay and a metal detector showed on my screen and it seems that the prices are really ridiculous. Then as I search further, I have found out that some people render metal detecting for a fee of 75k pesos. I wasn't really surprised knowing some of treasure hunters who have invested in metal detectors that are expensive but having no success in finding a treasure seems to have an alternate way of having their ROI ( Return Of Investment) atleast.  And as I was scrolling down to their description saying that they had invested almost 2 million pesos for their metal detector which is an OKM exp 5000, it is really that expensive because it penetrates deeper into the ground. I looked at some of the pictures that they took and I think they were able to have recovered a treasure using that metal detector.

I could say that the metal detector that they were using was pretty accurate in recovering buried treasure here in the Philippines and if somehow I would like to invest one too if time and money is available. The advantage of this metal detector is you would easily know if there is a high concentration of metal underground by just scanning the ground and calculating the size and how deep is the object. From my experience in metal detecting by just using a simple metal detector could sometimes misled to either a iron ore or high concentration of iron from the ground and sometimes large pieces of junk. And by just relying on instinct and signs is hard and could take months of digging, time and money.

From my point of view, either you want their service and or you are confident that your project does have a positive sign that there is a treasure it might be worth a try. But if budget is not enough then I think it is better to rely on instinct and signs around your project.