Whites TM 808 My Review


For several years, We have been using this kind of metal detector and I give this a positive review. One is because it is very compatible here in our land because of the rich mineral soil that we have and it features that it can cancel or minimize detection of minerals. We had been using this on our journey and it pick ups a lot of metals. There have been a lot of finds but no treasure has been recovered yet but relics of the WW2 have been found.

Features I have found to be positive when I use Whites TM 808

  • Long Battery Consumption and it is available anywhere here in our place
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sensitive and easy to configure the depth range
  • Accurate in Finding low depth metals
  • It might be bulky for some but for me it is light weight and compact
  • Practice is a must because getting used to settings or configuration takes a while to master

  • For the mastery of usage for this detector, I have dug 6 types of hole just to test and practice depth settings for the TM 808 and I have put some metal with same sizes. I have been playing it for days just to get used to the settings and from where I am most comfortable with. Small metals are hard to find even if a piece of coin at a small size, it must be in a bulk form. For a standard coin it reached at about 1 feet to 1.5 feet for the detector to sound. And I tried a larger size which is a big can of milk and it could reach it till 4.5 feet. Depending on what your technique is but first is I actually set it to auto and if the there is a positive detection, I would switch to manual to confirm it and adjust the setting for the depth. Well the manual is actually short but it is comprehensible and requires testing and practice.

    Interesting Finds from my Metal Detector

    When I was practicing around the house I have detected some metals and these were some coins, bullets, and something like a strainer. Bullets were found from the ground until 2-3 feet, when I asked my grandfather about those bullets if it were used during the war but he said he did not know. All he knows is that the previous owner of the land here dumped those bullets. The capsule has an 42 and EG etched on it.

    I found these coins at about 2-3 feet, these were old but it was nice to find something like these. Philippine coins from 1971 - 1972 were found at 1 feet and the foreign coins with 20 centimes indicated.

    This was found at about 3 feet from where the bullets also were found. I don't know what is the purpose of this but it looks like a strainer for the bathroom or sink. It has a property of brass or copper.