Skeletons Found a Possible Sign of Big Cache


Maybe many of you have encountered skeletons in your dig and just wondering what it is for. Historically, These are the POW's (prisoners of war) either from other countries or a local from the Philippines. I have heard from old folks who is a living witness to a beheading and burying of these prisoners, they use their sharp samurai in decapitating heads easily. Along with the buried treasure, they use the POW's to guard the treasure by killing them on the site and making a sacred prayer like binding their spirit to guard the treasure.

Many treasure hunters such as we, experienced ghosts on our sites. Once I have experienced,they entered my dream and warned us that we should not continue because one of your comrade has a greedy heart. And we dd not continue to dig because we noticed a change on our comrades attitude the following day.

A lot also do not believe in spirits guarding these treasure but based from my experience they really do and sometimes they can manipulate minds of a person. So in working on a project everyone should be spiritually fit and should have clean heart and mind.

I have heard from our recent project that our guide and the one who called us had told us about a skeleton from their dig but they were afraid in continuing it because of supernatural causes struct them while they were working. They claim that when they were working it suddenly dark clouds approach and it rained hard. And a black bird was watching them always. They did not continue their project for months until they called us. But unfortunately we were too late already, the site were already dug up and there were broken pieces of a jar. And the bones were left there scattered, but we did arranged it and buried the bones. So if you happen to have found some thing like this be sure to have a metal detector.