What Does Flat Rock Means?


I have encountered many successful stories of treasure recovery and most were as described by them that they had seen flat rocks from their dig as main sign specially if it is found below the ground and it means that it is near the treasure already. The purpose of this flat rock is that to indicate that you are near the treasure and it serves as a heat proof preventing the gold melting underground from the extreme pressure and hot temperature of the ground.

Here is a sketched sign from a flat rock that we had found, the story behind this is really sad one. The discoverer called us to see the flat stone that they had found but when we came there to see and found out that when you reverse the stone this sign appeared and it was nicely etched on the stone. And from the history according to old folks witnessed the massacre done by the Japanese during the war of a family residing the house and then burned the whole house after encamping it for days. Today, the owner of the land wanted to plow the field to expand his vegetable farm but then he discovered the flat stone and decided to make it as a furniture and serve as a chair but to his surprise there are some etched signs. To our interpretation, the oblong in the middle is the flat stone and the 3 dots were the buried treasure or in the middle is the large volume of treasure is buried there. We haven't got the chance to work on it since there are a lot of work to do so we postponed it and work on some other day.