A Triangle Rock or like a Birds Head


When we were venturing to the high mountains of Nueva Viscaya, a person came to us telling that near his house he found a strange looking rock and it appears to be man made. Then I took some pictures and it really looks like a birds head and man made to me. I have asked the owner of the land the history of the place and only told me that during the war, most of the Japanese had garrisoned and took camp near to this place. He also claimed that a lot of foreigners were coming and asking some directions. And near to this place, some Japanese used backhoe's and bulldozers to dig but they have not recovered anything. He assumes that they were at the wrong place and thinks that in his place is the right one, considering the signs that were found near his house.

If you look closely, it seems it was chipped off or they have used some chemical to shape this. I cannot say that this is natural because I have never seen some natural stone as like this one. There are lines like there is a neck to it and it has the same size as it was like sculpted in the most simple way. They have started digging near this sign but as they go deeper, water is coming out and they need a water pump to remove the water. As they describe, when they work and remove the water they seem to itch on their skin and by the time they retire in the afternoon they feel numbness on their both hands and feet. They have stopped digging when they could not stop the water from coming out so they decided to continue it during summer to lessen the water. 

It still a mystery to me what this treasure sign is but I am pretty sure that there is, we cannot tell because no detector is used and we had a difficulty in trusting the person who owns the land. It seems he just wants us to detect and confirm the location and he will just call on others or work alone.