Letter X with arrow and a Letter J Sign


In Northern part of Luzon, we have ventured through another place. One of our comrade called us that he had discovered signs along a small river nearby to their place. It was an hour walk because our vehicle cannot go any further to the site because of the bad condition and slippery roads. When we had reached our destination, we rested for a while and enjoyed the great view. We are far from the small town and we are on a wilderness. People who are passing near from the site experience ghosts sightings and they could even hear horses running in the evening and even a crying child at night. The old folks say that it was a battle ground during world war 2 and at the same time it was camped by Japanese soldiers. They were really hungry at that time and food is a serious necessity so they followed the river and camped there for many days hiding their treasures from the advancing Americans and Allies.

The letter X is commonly used treasure sign as the treasure spot as well as in maps. There is a lesser than sign etched below the X making it like an arrow that seems to be pointing at something. It is pointing at a weird white big rock just across the river. This was etched on a very hard and big rock, it is small in size but it was engraved artistically. I have searched and asked others what is the meaning of this sign. But they do not know since they have not yet encountered this kind of marking before. If you logically analyse it, the X mark means it is here and the arrow is pointing it. We did not bring any metal detectors when we went here and our intention is just to survey and confirm if these signs were true.

Beside the X and arrow sign is this Letter J sign which can be clearly seen and easily distinguished. This sign is also commonly used since I have seen this in most treasure codes being used by the Japanese in either maps or etched on stones. I have also seen this in the Japanese treasure codes that is compiled by various treasure hunters based on their experience and from Japanese also. This code means that "foot of the mountain". Well we were really not exactly at the foot of the mountain but we are nearly there. You can see that the markings are really old and it has the same size as the X mark on its side. We have not started this project since a lot of local people seems to be against it and they wanted us to get permission from the chieftain.