Old Battery Lamp and Gas Masks Glasses


During our trip to many various places in the Northern Luzon, we have many unearthed signs on our projects and I could not figure out some on how do they use these but others were clear to me. We went to a place in the mountains where our guide took us because he suspected and heard that the place was garrisoned by Japanese soldiers before. It was a tunnel in the mountain side near a small river, as he was digging forward, he noticed a lot of soil deformation. He noticed also that there were some kind of rooms that was created and to his surprise he found a metal chest but it was EMPTY, containing only a few pieces of bullets. Then after that, he also recovered various items such as the old watch, an old pen, and old small wagon. Along with these, when he called us that we should carry our metal detector and detect the place.

We also have found these, I suspect that these glasses can be found on gas masks and these metal pieces is an old lamp or battery and it smells funny too. I cannot distinguish some of the old rubbishes that we have found but we really do suspect a large volume of treasure was hidden in these closed tunnels. Our camp is just near the place and at night our companion dreamed of a lady looking at the closed tunnel. But it was too dangerous as there is another low pressure area heading towards us and we need to pack up before it arrives. The ground above was too soft for following the tunnel and rubble's of rocks fall down at times. So we head on to our companions house, it was a 2 hour walk on the mountain going down to the plains. When we have arrived at his house he showed us an ogatsu ink stone, it was placed inside the tree near the closed tunnel. The ogatsu ink stone has a kanji encrypted on its bottom and when translated, it indicates a white stone. Other than the ink stone, we found various tools like the stainless steel scissors. It was still very sharp and can be used. He showed us also the old wagon that was used during the world war 2 in transporting.

And lastly, the pen that he showed to us was really old. I never thought the Pilot brand of ball-pen had already existed even before the war and until today it is one of the most preferred ball-pen by most architects and engineers.

We have gathered our thoughts in coming back to this project once we have a better metal detector and equipment. Our funds were already used up and headed back home.