Round shaped Rock found on an Old Canteen With Old U.S. Coins


This rock was found on an old canteen along with 30 old U.S. coins covered in black. The old coins are silver in properties however, the rock is a puzzle. We tried to half it using a steel saw but it would not even scratch it. There three pieces of this rock and the owner had given the two to a Mayor in their place. The Mayor was able to give the owner a piece of land, tractor, and vehicles. The Mayor also is searching this piece of rock but our friend had pawned this one that is worth 50k in PH pesos. We are desperate in breaking this rock but we doubt that maybe this rock would contain nothing inside of value and that my friends 50k will not be refunded just in case.

When we asked about the coins, he said that it was tarnished because when the owner was trying to remove the black covering the coins he used a knife in trying to remove it and the coins writings were no longer visible because of the heavy markings of the knife.The owner claimed that they found this on 2 big rocks when they were Terra-forming their land for their garden and they have to remove the big rocks. And when they have removed it, they have found the old canteen including those 30 coins.

We had asked some pawn shops here in the local to see if there is a value to this kind of rock but they all said that they have to break it to see if there is something inside it. And that was we were thinking in the first place is to break it but we still have doubts in breaking it. It might contain a small piece of a diamond and it could be more worth it that the 50k that was the pawned value. So we advised my friend to talk to the owner that we should break it and return his 50k then pay the old owner that is more worth it than 50k also. And our friend returned home then we are waiting for his update regarding the rock.