A Piece of Platinum Found on a Nearby Sea


This was suspected to be a platinum so the finders of this consulted us if this is a real platinum however when we had it assayed by an expert he said it contains only a small amount of platinum and contains more lead. We did some tests if this would be a real platinum it should not be melted easily using a blow torch but this test failed because this piece of metal had burn marks when blow torched. Some markings also indicates that it is rusting but it is hard to notice it.

They have found this at a seashore, the original of this is big and heavy so they decided it to cut it into small pieces so it would be easy to transport. The original had a size of approximately 12" x 16" and there are engraved markings of "Faraloi" and some sort of serial numbers. The owner of this thought of this as a part of a ship that was sunken by the Japanese during world war 2.

We were dismayed by the result of the assay report however we have gained another experience in identifying a real platinum. Platinum today costs more than gold and are much rarer to find because of its many uses the demand is quite high these days.