Most Large Cache of Treasures Were Hidden In Waterfalls or near Bodies of Waters


In the past months, we have been working on some projects and it was almost of them are near water or waterfalls and heard a lot of stories from folks where we stayed. They claim that they have seen some signs and some Japanese tourist asking for directions as where the waterfalls located but they did not tell the tourist where the waterfalls is. Curiously, they went to investigate the waterfalls because they know the location and based from what the Japanese have described them they have found out that he was telling the truth but they don't know where they have place the treasure and so they have asked our help.

The place was beautiful and mountainous surrounding that place, it was a perfect spot to place or hide something because of the topography and plenty of water. The old folks who had witnessed the tragedy of war and Japanese soldiers marching through this place carrying heavy loads and POW's many locals that time were afraid and had sought refuge on other places but some witnessed that they have seen Japanese army pouring shiny things from the waterfalls. The person who had told this had already passed away but he told this story to his children.

When we were at the place and started to work on digging, we had used our metal detector but it does not pick up any kind of metal and thought that it could be really deep. We use large water hose to divert the water and prevent water going to were we are digging, it was really hard because water could still go through and this can be very dangerous since the soil above is wet and loose. We could be instantly buried alive if we were not that careful. As we have dug further, we noticed that the soil was very loose and it was like dug before recently. And we have found out after a few days that we were months too late because some of the locals have seen foreigners digging to the same exact spot where we are. We have left this project once we had found out that it was already taken.