Heart Shape Sign Etched on a Rock


A friend Discovered this heart shaped sign and it is really an obviously man made. According to old folks around here there had been numerous Japanese soldiers were marching here and had an encampment nearby because a river is nearby and water is accessible. Near this rock is a big white stone and the only white stone  that is not ordinary to me because it was like man made rock that was assemble through the use of cement. I see peels of the rock which is quite the same with a cement and some colorful rocks were also seen from the formation of the rock. The rock is shaped like an egg and its size is SUV car. We plan to break it but locals seem to prevent us from doing this when they have noticed our presence and have known that we are treasure hunters. Alas we had no choice but to move out and find a better project.

According also to locals and the farmer near this place claims that there are many spirits around  and they hear a marching foot, a crying lady and child, footsteps of horses and many spirits that are really scaring people. There is a possibility that a big cache of treasure is hidden by the Japanese Soldier here because of the strong spirits that wander around the place.

According to the Treasure Hunting Codes that was published by the Treasure Hunting Association of The Philippines, Heart sign means that there is a big cache/value of hidden treasure.