Yamashita Treasure Signs That We Have Actually Discovered


We were on a journey to the mountainous part of Luzon to see the progress of our current project and alas we could not continue due to weather conditions and our project is in a stream of river. Our local friend whom had contacted us, told us to wait until summer to lessen the water and we would be able to continue our work without the strong currents of the small river. Then we planned on postponing that project and head on to another one.

We were always looking for the best site and the most suitable chance of good weather to work on, and from the place we were temporarily staying we head on to the other site which is a 5 hour walk going down to the mountain and up again to another mountain until we had reached our destination and the rain was heavily pouring down and it would not stop, it was already nearly dark when we had arrived we were really wet and cold at that time.The house that we have stayed in and the locals were very nice and very hospitable they have shared food but we have bought a native chicken for dinner. After a long night of rest, we head on to the suspected treasure site.

The story of one of the local survivors during the World War 2 was that they saw many Japanese Soldiers and POW's carrying something very heavy and covered with a black cloth or thick plastic into the that particular area, however they did not dare go closer because the Japanese soldiers might kill them. Many died along the road and they were about young ones crying for their mother they were very hungry at that time even Japanese soldiers too. They were seen carrying sacks of gold coins and along the road the Japanese are buying food using the gold coins but locals do not know gold because it was a very remote area at that time. It was very horrifying to listen to the story but it was a plain truth and it really happened during the war.

This sign was discovered by our friend which is a local there and have seen different signs and this is one of them. We were at the site, it was really bushy and a lot of grown trees to the side. There were big lumps of soil to where this sign is pointing at. The sign was sharply done as if it was chainsawed deeply at about an inch  you can see the markings that this is really man made. We used dowsing as a means of detecting and our detector indicates that there is a positive treasure that may be buried as to where this treasure sign is pointing at. We were at the brink of digging but the weather has gone worse and according to the local news, a low pressure area is coming. Then we decided that we should come back at summer so we could not be distracted by the weather or rain when digging.