Sitting Bird or Duck Marked on Stone


We have found another sign that is really intriguing and genuine, most used sign and as a pointer is an etched animal. An example that we had encountered is the Bird sign, It actually depends on what it is being portrayed. From what my friend tells me about this sign is that when a bird sign is in a standing position, it is possible that its head is pointing to the location of the treasure. And if it is resting, the treasure might be located near from where its sitting. It is really helpful to use a good metal detector as a good basis before trying to execute a project but with the sign provided, this proved to be true.

When me and my brother went to the boundaries of the mountainous region and the low lands the bird sign was sculpted as a stone. I forgot to bring some camera so I could take some photos but I clearly remember how it was really shaped like a sitting bird. It was a weird thing being there and wondering who could have done it, wondered by our comrade so he called for help to us and ask our expertise regarding this matter. Once we have confirmed it was a positive site, because it is near a river and the place has a rich history where Japanese soldiers camp there in World War 2, old folks too admit that they have seen Prisoners of war and locals carrying something heavy during that time. So we head back home to take our gears and gather some financial needs and supplies. But alas, we lost someone dearly and we have to pay our respect and have our project postponed for a few months. 

Months have passed, when we have arrived at the site. The sign was already destroyed by some Korean or Japanese Treasure hunters also as claimed by the locals there. They quickly recovered the treasure because they have a map, as one local witnessed the Treasure hunter holding one. It was another depressing site, where we were very close but an unfortunate happened. Maybe the next project will be a better one.