Iron Ball on Each Mango Tree a Possible Diamond Inside


I came across in a video on youtube which the persons video is showing an uncut diamond on a platinum ball. The ball itself has an engraving of AUSTRALIAN with an image of a kangaroo and at the other side part is SAYAYSA PLATINUM 95.09-78 then at the bottom part is DIAMOND. The owner had showed that they had cut the ball into half revealing an empty space on the inside which the uncut diamond was placed. It was large and the owner showed it's authenticity by placing it near a light bulb and the light was distorted, meaning it is real. But suspicions occur by most of the comments that I have read because of the unclear and low resolution video that the owner had provided. And his style and manner of speaking is very offensive and inappropriate of doing business. There are a lot of diamond buyers that I know of but this one does not know so he post it on youtube, or in my hunch is he is just showing it off to the public. Although this is real or not, he should be very careful in dealing with other people specially that his video got publicized and his face is already shown. I think that the amount of such uncut diamond that has a size like that is worth of millions in either Philippine peso or in dollars.
In reference in the video above, when we had again another journey to the mountainous part region of Luzon. We have a current project there working on a rice field where believed that the place was an encampment of Japanese soldiers below. And the mother of the land owner had seen many soldiers of the Japanese digging to their land and hovering drums and dark colored bars where placed, she is a living pointer until sometime she had died recently. But before she died, she had told her children that there is a hidden treasure in their own land and they must recover that. Even before, a lot of foreigners, maybe a Japanese where sometimes wandering to that place but it was guarded by the family who owns the land and never permits any person who is going there. Near the land stand two mango trees, but were put down by the strong typhoon recently revealing two balls of Iron. The owner manages to show us and asks what it means but we have answered that maybe it was a treasure sign either in the mango tree or near the mango tree. We even ask their permission to look inside by trying to saw it in half but they refused to. They claim that they have tried to saw it but it was really hard